Features Pocketalk W in white, black, and gold.Pocketalk W Pocketalk S in white, black, and gold.Pocketalk S
The entry-level model with all the basics you need to translate with two button controls Compact size with a larger HD touchscreen, equipped with a text-to-translate camera & easy to use single button
Color Options
82 Language Translation*
Complimentary 2 year data plan**
Camera Translation
Screen Size 2.45 inch 2.7 inch
Weight 100g 75g
Battery Life*** up to 240 hours up to 132 hours
Additional Features N/A Pocketalk Center Access
PIN Lock Screen
Set Automatic History Deletion
Real-time Currency Conversion
Local Time Display
Price €99 €299

*Full language list

**Supports over 130 countries regions.

***Calculated as continuous standby time.