Terms & Conditions

Terms of Sale

Vendor Identity And Contact Information

These Terms of Sale are applied by Pocketalk B.V., a private limited company incorporated under the laws of the Netherlands with Chamber of Commerce registration number 73821950 (“Pocketalk”).

Registered business address:
Keizersgracht 482
1017 EG

If you wish to contact Pocketalk in respect of any purchase via the europe.pocketalk.com website, or any of the terms set out in these Terms of Sale, please contact us using the above address (post) or any of the following means of communication:

E-mail: eu-orders@pocketalk.com

These avenues of communication may be used validly for any instance wherein notice to Pocketalk is required under these Terms.


These Terms of Sale apply to any agreement for the sale of any Pocketalk device or Accessory (collectively: the “Product”) concluded at distance by way of the europe.pocketalk.net website between Pocketalk and any consumer residing within the European Economic Area (EEA) and Switzerland (“you”). The Terms of Sale will be made available to you before conclusion of the contract.

Offer And Agreement

Any offer for the Product contains a complete and accurate description of the Product and digital content. Obvious errors within the terms of an offer are not binding upon Pocketalk.

An agreement for the sale of the Product (an “Agreement”) is concluded when You, via electronic means or otherwise, unequivocally accept the following:
1. Pocketalk’s offer to sell; and
2. these Terms of Sale.

Pocketalk shall confirm the Agreement as soon as possible via email to the email address provided by you.